Our Story

We are passionate about every project.

MCL Custom Builders is a Muskoka-based family-run custom building company with over two decades of experience building, renovating, and maintaining incredible homes and cottages in the Muskoka region. We’re very proud that our continual success for over 20 years has been driven by results in the form of word-of-mouth recommendations and client referrals. 

At MCL Custom Builders, we have one simple aim: to make our clients happy. And we understand that we won’t achieve this aim by producing a beautiful home or cottage if it comes at the end of a long, stressful process for the customer.

For us, the process is part of the service. From our owner-operators, Norley and Doreen Jennings, on down through the team, every project at MCL is personal. That means our project leads are onsite every day and regularly communicating both with Norley and with our clients throughout all phases of a project. It means that, led by trained accountant Doreen, we maintain total transparency in our billing and regularly track the costs of each project, providing continual updates to our clients so they know where and how their hard-earned money is being spent. And thanks to being local, with our business located on beautiful Lake Joe, we’re there for our clients long after the job is done, for follow-up, maintenance, and whatever else is required.

The bottom line is, our work is second to none. Our customer service is second to none. And your home, cottage, or renovation will be second to none. You have our word on it.

Why Choose MCL Custom Builders

Start-to-Finish Service

With 20-plus years of experience, we have the necessary depth of experience and knowledge to help our clients navigate smoothly from the first step of the process to turning the key on their new or newly renovated home or cottage. From acquiring the needed permits to finalizing design and architecture to bringing in Muskoka’s best professionals in the subtrades, MCL Custom Builders takes the guesswork out of the process and takes the weight from our clients’ shoulders. We won’t make decisions for you, we’ll make them with you, and you’ll get our best guidance and advice, based on knowing this singular region like the back of our hands, every step of the way.

Getting the Job Done Right

We are proud to do our own work, and to do it right. We have dedicated framing crews, our own fabrication and finishing shop, and a long-term team of versatile professionals on staff. This gives us control over the building process, which, in turn, means we build our warranties to be meaningful and hold us to account long after the job is done.

We also know that, as the saying goes, ‘Jack of all trades, master of none.’ Where we require the contributions of those in the sub trades, such as electricians and plumbers, we work exclusively with highly skilled professionals whose work speaks for itself project over project.

Mutual Respect

Though it might seem like a straightforward transaction, a custom home or cottage building project is a journey, and often an emotional one. We respect that, and we go into every project with the goal of making our clients comfortable and confident all along the way, and delighted with the end result.

As a local family-run business, we wouldn’t put our name on anything that doesn’t make us proud. In fact, for 20 years, our work itself was the only advertising we did. We stay in touch with and continue to do work for many past clients because, for us, every project is personal.